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English Language Academy

BSA Crescent Language Academy also offers a wide spectrum of English Language courses to suit the needs of students. Our programs provide a pathway to certifications from Cambridge English Language Assessment and British Council – Malaysia, hence making us the one of most sought after English language learning centres in Kuala Lumpur

IT Training Academy

BSA Crescent IT Training Academy also offers a wide spectrum of IT Certification and IT Training courses to suit the needs of Organisations. Our programs provide a pathway to certifications from IT Market Leaders hence making us the one of most sought after IT learning centres in Kuala Lumpur

Training Facilities Provider

Conduct private and public softskill and IT technical training classes at BSA's state-of-the-art facilities.

Upcoming English Classes for 2018

Summer Camp

The earlier a child is introduced to a second language, the greater the chances are that the child will become truly proficient in the language. Experts claim that "A child taught a second language under the age of 10 is more likely to speak it like a native." This statement is supported by linguists and has been proven in extensive research studies

Intensive General English

The Intensive General English course is designed for students who need to improve their language skills in depth and quickly. Each level will include classes for Speaking, Reading and Comprehension, Writing, and Listening and Grammar

General English

Providing and asking for personal information.Describing people and places.Expressing their likes and dislikes.Making plans and talking about future events.Asking for, giving and following instructions.

High Tech Training Facilities

Our Collaborative Partners is one of the world’s largest online business-to-business trading platform for small businesses. The portal handles sales between importers and exporters from more than 240 countries and regions. in collaboration with Malaysian Export Academy will be organizing the first national Seminar on Building Businesses with E-Commerce for the very first time in Malaysia.

We have created the world’s largest teaching online resource, where you can find free classroom materials to download. As well as the Learn English online resource which gives you and your students access to thousands of FREE digital learning tools.Through our training courses, expert advice, teaching tips, materials and support networks, we’re here to help you become a more effective English teacher or teacher educator.

This course is in-depth hands-on training tailored for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs in gaining an all rounded understanding of key Blockchain technology concepts. There is no coding involved in this course as it covers important fundamental concepts but from the point of a business.

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